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In the pursuit of living more simply, natural, and conscious of our environment, we invite travelers from all over the world and local citizens to create your own beauty signature with 100% natural ingredients from the island ( flowers, coconuts, leaves, aloe vera, ginger, cacao ...and even rice ), and do a professional photo shoot to keep this delightful souvenir everlasting. Our objective is to create a world more beautiful.


Our Workshops

Everyday we use many different types of cosmetics. 
To brush our tette, cash our body, clean our face and enfance our natural beauty. 
Soap, shampoo, body cream, skincare and other makeup are a part of our daily life but most of the time we don't pay attention about the composition of the products before using.
Regardent Makeup, we decide to create different workshops in order to help you get all the basic to enfance your natural beauty. Eyeshadow, lipgloss, foundation, mascara, eye-liner are the essential and you can create them.


Amazing ! It was so cool and so nice and I love all the colours I put in my face.

Greta from Italia


Impact your generation friends, family and yourself.

Natural beauty has exploded in the past few years. Everyone is talking about "Clean beauty" as people have become more aware of the potentielle adverse effects of certain synthetic cheminais that are often found in makeup.

The biggest difference between natural and synthetic makeup is the ingredients. Most of synthetic makeup products contait potentielle harmful chemincals including parabens, phtalates, and SLS. 

According to studies, your skin can absorbe up to 64% of what you place on it.

If you find this concernant, perhaps it's time to go green.



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